How Women Will Benefit

Learn to love yourself despite what has been done to you

Learn to accept your human imperfections

Increase your self-confidence

Become empowered to make changes

Fast track thru the pain process

Reaffirm your self-worth & improve your self-esteem,

Decrease feeling alone in the world

Break unhealthy patterns & self-destructive behaviors,

Identify the origins of negative beliefs, bad habits and fears

Get unstuck; identify and plan a new path for your life

Living the message – My own experiences completely inform my practice. My clients know that I have been through and survived their stories. This gives me a unique perspective, and helps establish trust.

Validation of Self – Too often, the idea of an all-knowing, all-validating “other” gets in the way of true emotional success for many women. I’ll work with you specifically on eradicating the myth of the “Other”, and replacing this idea with self-love.

Sense of Belonging – Women who have experienced trauma often leave with pervasive feelings of self-doubt and guilt, as if something is truly wrong with them that can’t be fixed. My approach addresses this myth head-on by helping women understand and approach self-isolative behaviors.

Relationship Therapy
– Some of the trauma women experience is due to the loss of a relationship of some kind. I have personal and years of professional experience with the tension and deep impact of a relationship ending. I address how the instability of separation can cause later debilitating behaviors and patterns for women.

Judgment Free Space
– Many women who seek therapy feel a sense of shame, both from trauma and society’s reflections/understanding of that trauma. I work with women in a shame-free space to ensure maximum healing is possible.