Bounce Back: Developing Emotional Resilience

Major disruptions are a “gotcha” we all experience at one time or another in our lives. We get fired, laid off or passed over; a loved one dies, leaves or gets in trouble; a project stalls or gets cancelled. The list, unfortunately, is endless. For some, the impact of these hard times is overwhelming. Recovery, if it comes at all, can be painfully slow. Others show resilience and are admirably able to glide through these times fairly easily, bouncing back to a normal life again quickly. Resilience—the strength required to… Read More >>

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From Hopelessness to Happiness – a Learnable Life Skill

If life could be graded, Anthony would give his an F. His new job is stressful, his teenage daughter is struggling with depression, he and his wife are fighting a lot lately, and he hates himself for the extra 50 pounds he’s carrying. Anthony feels hopeless and his life seems depressing and dark. Every setback reinforces his feelings of pessimism and grim certainty that nothing will ever get better. Barbara’s struggles seem just as daunting. Her husband just lost his job, two months after the birth of their first child.… Read More >>

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Are You Worth It? You Decide.

As comedienne Lucille Ball quipped: “You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” Part of that self-love is feeling that you’re “worth it”—that you are good enough, and that you deserve respect, kindness, and satisfaction with your life. Although this seems simple enough, unworthiness is more common in our culture than we might expect. Simply put, “worthiness” is a person’s judgment of their own value, merit, or usefulness. It stems from our deep human need to be known and seen for who we really are… Read More >>

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Do you have healthy boundaries?

Developing healthy personal boundaries is a skill that comes from learning to pay careful attention to your feelings and emotions. If you were raised in a family that encouraged or demanded obedience, you might find establishing healthy personal boundaries to be both challenging and confusing. You would have learned very early in life to focus on what “others” needed or wanted; not on your own needs or wants. You would have quickly lost touch with your own feelings and emotions because they would have felt dangerous or unimportant. In fact,… Read More >>

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Finding the Gifts of the Shadow

Imagine a résumé for your “shadow”—that unconscious part of us that holds all the stuff we deny, discount, disown, bury or pretend does not exist: Vengeful, easily victimized, lazy, bad, untrustworthy. Excel at hopelessness and rage, expert on greed. Not creative. Never finish what I start. Stupid, a loner, damaged goods. Nurture murderous thoughts. Definitely unlovable. No one likes to admit to a dark side—it can be a frightening and shocking experience to our self-image. We spend huge amounts of energy denying and repressing this unwanted inferior self. What many… Read More >>

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