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Counseling for Teen Girls

“Empowering Women One Girl at a Time”

The teen years can be challenging! During this time, many adolescents experience difficulty with low self-esteem, peer conflict, fitting in, social expectations, academics, parental conflict, and physical well-being.

Often at the center of many problems is relationship discord. Not only the relationship we have with other people but the one we have with ourselves. Girls in their teens are at a prime time to develop a lifelong self-relationship – learning to love themselves for who they are and where they are.

Being abandoned or troubled can lead to the feeling that you can’t be whole if you’re alone, or that you need to depend on someone else to validate or complete you. Self-validation can give you new strength and the potential to avoid heartache and wasted time looking for love outside yourself.

Develop a positive self-concept that will help you feel whole even when you are alone.

Counseling for teen girls can change the landscape of the adolescent experience, and give you a strong foundation as you approach adulthood.

My Counseling Services for Teens include:

  • Individual therapy for Teens age 15+
  • Self-esteem coaching
  • Loving yourself is the key to meeting your present and future challenges with increased emotional independence. I’m here to offer hope! Together we will sort things out.

    If you are or know someone who is struggling, contact me today for a confidential discussion.