Thrive in the Midst of Chaos!

The winners in the 21st century will thrive on chaos.

Several things are necessary to thrive in the midst of chaos:

1. Exceptional boundaries. This is where the “desperate” housewives go astray because they seem to have no boundaries at all. Winners know how to say no. They know how to close their doors and ignore disruptions. They know where they are going and they tolerate few, if any, distractions.

2. Exceptional vision. They know their priorities and their desired outcomes. They know what they want and they can see, taste, smell and almost touch their results in advance. They have goals rather than mere hopes or dreams.

3. Exceptional self-direction. I talked about this last week as Positive Self-Projection. They are in charge of their lives and chaos around them is just that – other people’s chaos swirling around them, while they maintain an inner calm. They are not lost or confused about their priorities or their direction.

4. Exceptional optimism. They see chaos as opportunity. Chaos “stirs the pot” and opens doors. Rather than annoying or frustrating them, they love it! On a wild and windy day, a rainbow may appear at any moment and they welcome it.

5. Exceptional Reserves. They take care of themselves. They eat well, rest often, save and invest wisely and when opportunity knocks, they are waiting to answer the door. They operate from strength and stability, while a chaotic world wreaks havoc on the competition.

6. Exceptional response-ability. Rather than reacting from anger or anxiety, they see an ever-changing world and they thoughtfully respond to opportunities that present themselves. “Desperate” people react; winners respond.

John Lennon observed that “life is what happens while you were making other plans.” Life will not wait until we are ready or until we catch our breath. The winners in the 21st century will thrive on chaos. They’ll see and seize opportunities, and they’ll love the wild ride. They’ll recognize the risks and enjoy the drama, while operating from a place of inner calm. In a world swirling with change and chaos, they’ll invest in themselves and in their reserves.

Author’s content used under license, © 2008 Claire Communications